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Care of a body
The condition of a body of the car is extremely important factor at definition of resale price of the car. Carrying out repair work on restoration of the damaged or started elements of a body is much more difficult and more expensive, than repair of mechanical elements. The hidden areas of a body, such as wheel arches, longerons and a motor compartment, also need leaving, though do not demand the same attention, as other elements of a body.
Once a year or each 20 000 km of run it is desirable to clear internal surfaces of a body the ferry. After removal of all traces of dirt, oil and greasing of a surface it is possible to examine on existence of traces of corrosion, damage of brake pipelines, wear of isolation of electroconducting, damage of cables of a drive of lay brake system and other malfunctions. On termination of this work it is necessary to grease elements of a forward suspension bracket.
At the same time carry out steam cleaning or washing by fat-free structure of external surfaces of the engine and a motor compartment.
The close attention should be given to arches of wheels as the sheeting can separate from internal surfaces, and taking off of a protector of wheels small stones and sand will cause damage of a paint and varnish covering and, as a result, development of corrosion of body panels. At detection of traces of corrosion the damaged surfaces should be smoothed out to pure metal, and a surface to cover with anticorrosive paint.
It is necessary to carry out a sink of a body approximately once a week. Carefully moisten surfaces of a body of the car for a softening of dirt which then wash away a soft sponge or a strong stream of water. Careless removal of the stuck dirt is fraught with damage of an external paint coat.
The tar or asphalt spots getting on a body from the warmed-up paving, it is necessary to delete by means of the rags moistened in solvent.
Time in half a year rub a body and the chromeplated elements of furnish with wax. Remember that when using cleaners for cleaning of the chromeplated surfaces together with traces of corrosion will act in film also and a part of a chromic covering therefore try to apply such solutions not too often.

Care of salon 
Care of panels of furnish of the salon, made of polymeric materials
It is not necessary to use for cleaning of vinyl panels laundry detergents, caustic soda or cleaners on a petrol basis. Usual soap perfectly is suitable for this purpose in a combination to warm water. The eaten dirt well is removed a soft brush (with water and soap). Cleaning of vinyl panels is carried out with the same frequency, as a sink of other surfaces of a body of the car. On termination of cleaning for prevention of oxidation and emergence of cracks it is possible to cover panels with protective structures for rubber and plastic. The same structures can be applied to processing of sealants of doorways of a body, rubber hoses which often collapse under the influence of environment. These protective equipment suit also processing of tires.
Care of an upholstery and salon rugs
Each three months remove rugs and clear internal panels of salon of the car
(in case of need this work can be carried out and is more often). For cleaning of a dust and garbage, cleaning of rugs it is possible to use a rigid brush. After that rugs and an internal upholstery are necessary for vacuuming carefully, especially along seams and folds.
It is possible to remove the eaten dirt from rugs by means of household or automobile shampoos in aerosol packing, following the instruction of the producer; then vacuum rugs and tousle them a rigid brush.
The most part of internal panels of salon is upholstered with vinyl, for care of such upholstery the set of special cleaners and shampoos is issued. Follow instructions of the producer and, before starting global cleaning, test new structure on the hidden site of an upholstery (for example, the bottom surface of pillows or bottom edges of backs of seats) for determination of ability of a cleaner to cause change of coloring of upholsteries.
After cleaning the vinyl upholstery should be processed protective structure.

Before processing of seats read the instruction to means — not all structures are suitable for processing of seats as do them too slippery.
Do not process protective structures a steering wheel.

The leather upholstery demands special leaving. To clean it it is necessary regularly with application of special cleaners. At all it is not necessary to try to remove spots from a leather upholstery with alcohol, gasoline, means for removal of a varnish from nails or solvent.
After cleaning regularly process a leather upholstery special conditioners (as a rule, they should be rubbed a soft cotton fabric). Do not try to process at all leather wax for care of body panels.
Leaving the car on the sun, try to close something the shined sites of a leather upholstery of seats.