Hyundai Getz>> Transmission>> Possible malfunctions of a transmission, their reason and ways of elimination
Possible cause of defect
Way of elimination of malfunction
Vibration, noise in a transmission
Weakening of fastening or damage of support of an engine mount and transmission
To tighten fastenings or to replace support
The axial gap of shaft does not correspond
to norm
To adjust an axial gap
Wear or damage of gear wheels
To replace gear wheels
Oil of inappropriate brand is filled in
To fill in oil of demanded brand
Insufficient level of oil
To add oil to norm
Violation of adjustment of idling
To adjust engine idling
Leakage of oil
Destruction or damage of epiploons or sealing rings
To replace epiploons or sealing rings
The complicated gear shifting
Malfunction of a cable of a drive
gear shiftings
To replace a cable of a drive of gear shifting
Leaky prileganiye or wear of blocking rings and cones of synchronizers
To eliminate malfunction or to replace details
Weakening of springs of synchronizers
Oil of inappropriate brand is filled in
To replace springs of synchronizers
To fill in oil of demanded brand
Spontaneous switching off of transfers
Wear of forks of gear shifting or breakage of springs of clamps
To replace a fork or a clamp
The increased gap of the coupling
the synchronizer on a nave
To replace a nave and the coupling