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Hyundai Getz>> Brake system>> General information
On the car establish working brake system with diagonal division of contours that provides high active safety of the car. One contour of a hydraulic actuator ensures functioning right forward and left back of brake mechanisms, another – left forward and right back.
At refusal of one of contours of working brake system the second contour thanks to what the car stops with sufficient efficiency is used. In a hydraulic drive are included the vacuum amplifier and regulators (on one in each contour) pressure of back brakes.
The lay brake system puts in action brake mechanisms of back wheels.

Moments of an inhaling of carving connections, N · m
Nuts of hairpins of fastening of the main brake cylinder to the vacuum amplifier of brakes..... 8–12
Nuts of fastening of the vacuum amplifier of brakes..... 8–12
The union of fastening of a vacuum hose of the amplifier of brakes to a receiver of the inlet pipeline..... 15–18
The union for air removal from a hydraulic actuator of brakes..... 7–13
Nuts of fastening of brake pipelines to brake hoses..... 13–17
Bolts of fastening of directing fingers..... 22–32
Bolts of fastening of brake mechanisms of forward wheels to rotary fists..... 65–75
The union of fastening of brake hoses to supports of forward wheels..... 25–30
Bolt of fastening of wheel cylinders of brake mechanisms of back wheels..... 5–11
Nuts of fastening of brake pipelines..... 13–17
Bolts of fastening of knot of the hydroblock and EBU..... 8–10

On the wet road it is recommended to press from time to time a brake pedal to remove from brake disks water and dirt. Water is, as a rule, dumped from disks at the expense of centrifugal force, but there is a thin film силиконов, products of wear of rubber and dirt that reduces overall performance of brakes.
After installation new brake shoes should be earned extra. Throughout the first 200 km of run it is not necessary to make needlessly complete braking (that is braking to a full stop of the car).
The brake disks which have undergone corrosion, when braking cause vibration of a pedal of a brake which does not disappear even at long braking. In this case it is necessary to replace brake disks.
The dirt which has burned down on brake slips leads to formation of concentric grooves on a brake disk. It can lead to decrease in efficiency of braking.
Самоконтрящиеся nuts at each dismantling of carving connection replace new.

Applied lubricants
Application place
Brand of greasing or operational liquid
System of a hydraulic actuator of brakes
Brake DOT-3 or DOT-4 liquid
Plug and axis of a pedal of a brake
Greasing for the chassis SAE J310, NGLI No.0
 Contact surfaces between a brake shoe of the parking brake and a brake board
Greasing for bearings of naves of wheels of SAE J310, NGLI No.2

Special tools and adaptations
Number according to the catalog of spare parts and adaptations
The adaptation for piston moving in the cylinder
Moving of the piston of disk brake mechanisms of forward wheels in the cylinder

Technical characteristics

Data for check and adjustment
Nominal/maximum permissible rate
Height of a pedal of a brake over a floor, mm
182,1 (+5,0)/-
Course of a pedal of a brake, mm, not less
Gap between a pusher of the switch of a signal of braking and an emphasis of a pedal, mm
Free wheeling of a pedal of a brake, mm
Gap between a pusher of the vacuum amplifier and the piston of the main brake cylinder at depression of 500 mm of mercury., mm
Course of the lever of a drive of lay brake system at effort on the lever of 196 N
(20 kgfs)
6-8 teeth of sector / -
Thickness of frictional overlays of forward brake shoes, mm
The minimum thickness of forward brake shoes taking into account a substrate, mm
Thickness of frictional overlays of back brake shoes, mm
Internal diameter of brake drums, mm:
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